Created in 1976 by the initiative of the Schréder group – one of the principal world player in public lighting – and with the scientific collaboration of the Liege University, mice quickly became the Belgian leader in acoustic protection.

In 1983, mice expanded its activities in France and in other countries in Europe. In 2002 mice began designing and manufacturing bridge accessories architectural equipments.

For 30 years, the know-how and continuous development of new techniques, in combination with a multiple of national and international references make mice a key partner in acoustic protection and bridge accessories equipment.


Significant facts :

        1976   First acoustic project for the Brussels subway by the Schréder group.
Creation of mice Belgium, development and production of the first noise barriers for the Charleroi ring.   1977        
        1983   Creation of mice France and first project in Paris "Porte de Bagnolet".
First projects in Spain, highway noise barriers.   1985        
        1987   First project in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, acoustic protections for tunnels.
First project in the Netherlands for the railroad national company (“Willemspoorttunnel”).   1988        
        1989   Acquisition of the METAL ACOUSTICS company specialized in acoustic protection for the industry.
 First project in the United Kingdom for the railroad national company (Stewarts Lane Chord Line).   1991        
        1992   In Belgium, mice obtained the contract for the acoustic isolation, with guaranteed results for the fist HRSG - Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Electrabel plant in Drogenbos.
Belgium, construction of the first wooden noise barrier.   1992        
        1994   Sweden, noise barrier in Huddinggevagen.
Belgium and France – beginning of the building sites for Very High Speed Trains.   1995        
        1998   Belgium, in collaboration with Schréder, development of Acoustilight for the subway in Brussels.
Belgium, Cointe Tunnel (acoustic and non acoustic
        2001   France, “Mediterranean” TGV, windbreaker protections (14,000 m²).
 France – Blanc Mesnil, 20,000m²
of acoustic treatment on the Paris orbital.
        2006   France – Vélizy (Paris) Engineering and construction of an acoustic cover (phonic checkerboard).